Pet & Peeve #002

Pet & Peeve #002

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Over the years, I’ve been granted several circumstances that have led to the development of my growing cynicism, sarcasm, and overall negative and shallow sense of humor. I can’t make it through one day without some form of biting criticism of the situation at hand bubbling to the surface. One of the original reasons for creating this blog site was to serve as a cathartic conduit for all these thoughts, rants, frustrations, and complaints about this wonderful journey called life. This coupled with my desire to create a very simple web comic as a field test for some new software that I’ve been working on, led me here. Don’t be confused, this will by no means be a real web comic, but rather a visual method of sharing my little moments of bliss. I give you Pet & Peeve.


…and if you don’t, please write me to tell me how horrible it is and what parts you merely dislike as well as the parts that you utterly despise.

~ matt

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