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You Did It!


You solved all the clues, and found all the blocks. They are all together and can also be a functional board game to play with friends and family, and as such a constant reminder to you as well as those that happen to play the game with us, of who you are and how proud of you I am. Now you need to remember the words on each one, and in each clue. Remember that you are more than adequate, beyond sufficient, greater than my wildest dreams. You are the most wonderful woman I know. Stand firm in the knowledge that no one can take your place in my heart. Be confident in all your beauty, wisdom, talent, and skill. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Remember that no matter what may come down the road of life, I’ll be right here beside you for the entire ride. I know that there are countless corny analogies for the road of life, but know that it will never be too treacherous for our love to endure. I choose you, Deanna, to be my partner, my friend, my lover, my family, my wife. Now and forever, it’s you and me against the world.

Today is a new day and a new game awaits. You’ll receive the first clue soon.

I know that your days are busier now than ever, therefore this game will not follow a daily schedule, it will follow yours.

I Love You, Deanna!


Block 48 of 48 Clue

Forty-eight, your final clue, your final block,
I hope that the deeper meaning you won’t knock,
You have changed my life for the good with little effort,
I could take years to expound but I must keep this short,
You’ll receive today’s block at the restaurant of your choosing,
Know that I love all of You with all of me, and on you I’ll always be musing

Good Luck Gorgeous!