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The People Have Spoken

The people have spoken, and I’m going to do my best to deliver.  Most folks will send in comments via email rather than posting them directly to a post, so I thought I would take a moment to respond to a few of the comments, questions, and requests.

  1. They enjoy the art tutorials and information about all things Open Source.
    I’ll continue to cover those items and any questions that come in about them.
  2. They want to hear more of my quirky commentary on the Bible, some are even requesting that I start at the beginning and walk through the whole thing, giving my little thoughts and such.
    This sounds like a risky and time consuming venture, but I’ll give it a shot.
  3. Folks are curious about my personal entry into the Comic Book Universe and what I’m reading now.
    I was introduced by a good friend and coworker.  I got sucked in by reading the 7‑issue DC series, Identity Crisis.  I’m currently reading the Vertigo series, Y: The Last Man.  I will try to include a few more posts in relation to what comics that I’ve found fascinating, entertaining, and such.
  4. Folks want me to make more of a presence in the ‘social landscape,’ namely asking about my Facebook, MySpace, Twitter accounts.
    From my previous posts, I’m sure you understand that I’m a bit of a paranoid privacy nut.  That said, I currently don’t subscribe to any of the current social networking sites, but I’ll look into it.
  5. If you’re really trying to become a Christian, why do you continue to study other religions and philosophies?
    Sometimes the best way to find out what you believe, is by finding out what you don’t believe and working backward.
  6. Why don’t you take professional art classes to learn how to draw/cartoon?
    Not sure this would be the best use of my time or the that of the teacher.  A bit like a deaf person taking a music appreciation course.
  7. I read your About page and understand the meaning behind the domain name, but is 1792Coins​.com the best you could come up with?
    Funny you should ask.  No, it’s not.  In fact I didn’t come up with it.  It was a domain name that another group had requested for a project I was working on over at simplemediagroup​.net.  Let’s just say that the group hadn’t agreed on a few things amongst themselves before submitting a request for the domain, then changed their minds on the whole idea and left the domain behind.  Being a follower of the ‘use everything, leave nothing’ philosophy,  I couldn’t stand seeing it just sit on the web unused, so I tried to weasel a blog out of it.  Hence the blog you see before you.
  8. I find your taste in music (shown in your side bar) quite eclectic and interesting.  Maybe you could do some music reviews.
    This is a touchy spot for me.  I love music of all kinds, and love to share music with others.  That said, I almost find music a more intimate, holy, and sensitive subject than religion or politics.  What would a review sound like?  You can’t really explain music, it’s an experience.  Alan Watts once said, “If you ask Bach, ‘What is the meaning of music,’ he would have said, ‘Listen…that is the meaning.’ ”  That said, I guess I could write about my experience as I listen to certain songs, albums, and artists.
  9. Your puppies are beautiful, what are they? and what other pets do you have?
    Oh goody!  I absolutely LOVE animals!  More than most people I’ve met.  The puppies (in picture used for the How To Make Your Pictures Look Like Comic Book / Graphic Novel Art With GIMP post) are rescue pups.  Sophia and Isabella are litter mates, and their mother is Australian Shepherd and we’re honestly not 100% sure on the dad, but the vet ventured to guess that he was probably Mastiff.  All that equates to a couple of very smart, very lovable, very beautiful dogs.  They have an older sister, Tipper (a Parson Jack Russell Terrier), who is definitely the ‘Top Dog’ of the house.  A quick run through of the animals that have shared our home:  Bailey (beagle), Shelby (cat), Clark and Lex (mice), Chappy and Scrappy (anoles), Ben and Socrates (rats), Ms. Benson (rabbit), Max (guinea pig), Pretzel, Love, and Logic (African Pygmy Goats).
  10. Maybe you could throw out a few quick movie and book reviews.
    This response will be similar to my response to the requests for music reviews.  I think it best to keep this simple.  I’ll throw out a quick recommendation here and there, but would rather hear your thoughts on them.  Hopefully folks will be willing to leave their comments on the posts for all to enjoy.

Whew!  Thanks for all the email and such!  I’ll try to do this every so often to clear out the mailbox.

I plan on expanding the variety of topics covered to meet the requests as above, however as such, I can’t promise an ‘every day’ post schedule.  I hope to be able to write approximately the same amount, however the posts may come out less frequently and consistently, or with less overall content respectively.  I do have a day job, a couple volunteer jobs, a family, a bit of a life, and now this blog to keep up with.  I’ll do my best.

Thanks again for all the feedback!