Tilt-Shift Effect in Inkscape [2.PerrSpective]

This is the first of hopefully several new podcast/screencast posts under the ‘2.PerrSpective’ branding. 2.PerrSpective [read: two-point perspective] is the name (created by Deanna) for our new point/counter-point style podcast/screencast posts. We plan to release a variety of podcast/screencast posts covering items like basic how-to type tutorials, movie/music/book reviews, etc with the possibility of expanding into math/science demonstrations, local restaurant reviews, religious/philosophical discussions, and the like. That said, please feel free to add your comments to our posts or email us directly via our Contact page or individually (matt@​1792coins.​com | deanna@​1792coins.​com). We would love to hear your thoughts, responses, suggestions, and requests for future content.

I would like to thank my mom, Brenda, for agreeing to be a guinea pig and critic, and my fiancé, Deanna, for tolerating my latest OCD project, and for agreeing to host/co-host future podcast/screencast posts.

This specific post is a basic tutorial on how to achieve a tilt-shift photography effect in Inkscape, my favorite open source vector graphics tool.

This podcast features the song

“Outer Orbit”
by Revolution Void

available under a
Creative Commons license

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