Whatcha Runnin’ Man? (Eyecandy)

I’ve had several folks send emails asking about what parts that I’d build into a machine, what themes are in use in my screenshots, and what programs I’d recommend for a new Linux user.  As one who favors the ‘work smarter’ over the ‘work harder’ method, I thought I’d post this info over the next few posts, rather than sending a 32 page email to them all.

Let’s chat a little about some Linux eyecandy.  The greatest piece of eyecandy to hit the Linux landscape is Compiz-Fusion.  If you’ve followed our previous post, Whatcha Runnin’ Man? (Linux Applications – part 2), you’ve already installed this beautiful piece of work.  This graphic addition to the Linux desktop opens up a wide variety of great desktop effects and enhancements.  For a full list, click here, but below is a list of a few of my favorites.

Elements is a plugin for Compiz-Fusion which integrates all the features of the popular Snow, Autumn, Fireflies, and Stars plugins, plus an all new feature, Bubbles. It’s also fully customizable. So let’s add it while we’re at it.

I am currently running a custom theme created by combining several bits of Gnome eyecandy acquired via Gnome-Look.  I’m using the controls from the New SlicknesS GTK 2.x Theme, the ‘Dark_glossy’ window border from the Leopard_SE & Dark Metacity Theme, the ‘Red’ icons from the Cryo64-Mixed Icon Theme, and the pointer from the Chrome Glass X11 Mouse Theme.

You can find similar if not direct duplicates of these theme packages, as well as all other variety of groovy eyecandy, for the KDE and XFCE Linux desktop environments at KDE-Look and XFCE-Look respectively.

As always, feel free to comment or ask questions about any of the ideas shared in this post.

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